Ceska ~ arrives

Ceska is our new Longhaired Dutch Shepherd puppy.
She was imported from the Wapini von Folge Kennel in the Czech Republic.
Her registered name is: Brangwaine Wapini von Folge
Ceska ~ 12 weeks old

Ceska ~ 13 weeks old

Miss Ellie Mae

Brierdens Miss Elderberry Blackfrost

Miss Ellie

This is our newest doggie family addition.
She is Miss Ellie (aka Miss Ellie Mae)
Ellie is a Border Terrier, and she is Mark's new companion dog. He has wanted a Border Terrier for years, since reading about them in Alf Wight's, James Herriot stories.
She goes to the clinic with him during the days, and pounces around behind him while he does his evening farm chores. She and Raven are two of a kind when it comes to rough house playing, but we still have to referee them, as Ellie, is such a gamey little terrier that she doesn't realize everyone is bigger than she is.

Miss Ellie

Raven and the white fur balls

Raven is now 6 months old, and the (8) Great Pyrenees puppies are 8 weeks old.
They have fun romping together when allowed to run free during meal breaks.

Raven ~ 5 1/2 Months

Raven enjoying the summer weather, and frogging in the pond.

Raven ~ 5 months old

Claire took Raven out for a walk thru the hayfields and woods, we've had plenty of rain lately.

Here Raven looks like she could be in some backwater bayou, instead of our woods.
Maybe she is the swamp creature?